• Electronic decoy Mini Colibri R310 chip 1 FOX

The Symbol : R310-ZIELONY

0.whine fox 1.fox 2.fox 3.mouse 4.hare 5.Rabbit 6.hare 7.common pheasant Chick 8.boar Squeaker 9.rodents

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Electronic decoy Mini Colibri R310

Sound wave: 400 Hz – 8 Khz
Power: 8 Watt
Total harmonic frequency distortion: 0,8 % a 0,5 W
Tension supply: 9 - 12 Volt
Maximum electrical input: 300 mA
Dimension: 67x57x40/ 78(AL50T) mm
Weight: 95(AL50T) g (battery not included)
Output for external loud-speaker

This apparatus work with a 9 V block battery. We recommend to use alkaline battery for optimise the reproducer’s wave.It can be fed from the outside with a 12V tension: in this way to give much attention to the polarityt during the connection.

The change of the call is very practical and fast through arotating selector that renders instantaneous the choice. The control of the volume is rendered much delineated without jolts from an analogical regulator.

The substitution of the memory card is very simple: removing the cover on the posterior side of the apparatus, to take out the memory and reintegrate an other one.
POLOGAR declines all liability for use not allowed by the law.


0. Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
1. Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
2. Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
3. Mouse (Mus)
4. Hare (Lepus europaeus),
5. Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
6. Hare (Lepus europaeus),
7. Common pheasant Chick  (Phasianus colchicus)
8. Boar Squeaker (Sus scrofa scrofa)
9. Rodents

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